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National Museums Scotland to expand the Glenmorangie Research Project

17 November 2016

AHRC awards major grant to National Museums Scotland to expand on the ambitious Glenmorangie Research Project

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has awarded National Museums Scotland funding to investigate the vital role silver played in Early Medieval Europe (AD 300–900). The AHRC is a public body which funds world-leading research on the arts and humanities at UK universities and research organisations.

The grant will facilitate the creation of an international network of scholars who will examine how different strategies towards silver shaped the development of early medieval kingdoms in Europe. This will complement the existing Glenmorangie Research Project’s work on the importance of silver within Early Medieval Scotland, which the AHRC has credited as being of the ‘highest level’.

In addition, the funding will support two expert symposia in the UK and Germany, and the publication of an academic book of the resulting research. There will also be an opportunity to come to a public day conference at the National Museum of Scotland in 2017 to hear about the network’s findings.

The Glenmorangie Research Project is a pioneering multi award-winning cultural partnership between The Glenmorangie Company and National Museums Scotland, supporting the study and understanding of Early Medieval Scotland.

Alice Blackwell, Glenmorangie Research Fellow, National Museums Scotland, said: “Thanks to this AHRC award and the long-term support of The Glenmorangie Company we have a fantastic opportunity to forge new connections with academics and museum professionals across Europe and to situate our research on the significance of silver in the development of Early Medieval Scotland in its international context.

We are very excited to be collaborating with the network’s co-investigator Dr Andreas Rau, from the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology at the Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen in Germany.

The network will enable us for the first time to compare strategies towards the supply, circulation and use of silver following the collapse of the Roman Empire and to explore the role of this precious metal in the emergence of the Early Medieval kingdoms of Europe.”

Hamish Torrie, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Glenmorangie Company, said: "Glenmorangie places huge importance on its roots and through our long-standing partnership with National Museums Scotland we are learning more and more about Early Medieval Scotland.

Since our partnership began in 2008 there have been a number of remarkable discoveries. We want to congratulate National Museums Scotland on receiving this grant, which will situate their ground-breaking research on the crucial role silver played in Scotland within its wider, European context.

We are delighted that this grant will help National Museums to forge new relationships with researchers and archaeologists across Europe.”

To learn more about the partnership between Glenmorangie and National Museums Scotland, visit www.nms.ac.uk/glenmorangie.

Alice Blackwell and Hamish Torrie